The 2013 course starts in May, the provisional dates are at the bottom of the page...
shamans drum
The word 'Shaman' comes from the Tung tribe of Siberia and means 'healer', or 'one who sees in the dark'. There are many names used around the world for the people who communicate with the Spirit world for all kinds of purposes, mostly related to the wellbeing of their community.  What we call ourselves is of no great consequence, and can be, for some, a matter of ego. It is what's in our heart, our connection to Spirit, our actions, and what we actually are that matters.
This is a thorough and in-depth training with an emphasis on personal integrity, authenticity and empowerment, as well as the beauty, joy, adventure and trust inherent in shamanic work. You will learn to work with energised shamanic states of consciousness, use ancient and effective healing techniques, and it will be fun - taking you closer to your own unique purpose, with both laughter and tears along the way!
You may also be interested in One to One Learning opportunities.
The course is always limited to just eight participants and will include:
building your relationship with your spirit teachers -
guides, power animals, ancestors
guidance and divination
power and soul retrieval
extraction and depossession
past life and ancestral healing
space clearing
trance dance
how to connect, work, and heal with tree and nature spirits,
 including the elements
altars, ceremonies, and healing with natural objects
the spirits of the drum and rattle
healing with sound
attitude and gratitude
integrity and ethics
The course is a challenging and experiential one, it will involve all aspects of your being, at one time or another. We will cover the core shamanic healing techniques, and include a good deal of personal work along the way - it is important for any healer to ensure that they are clearing and healing their own issues in preparation for working with others. We also explore through journeying, discussion, reading, and other media, the concepts involved in the Shamanic view of the Universe, as they apply to Shamanic Healing, so that the course is not just a taught set of techniques and a book full of notes, but a broad and experiential education too. Some of the work will be done outdoors, and a very simple vegetarian lunch is included each day.
Shamanic Practitoner TrainingAfter the course you will be asked to complete a number of case studies with regular feedback, this is a very important part of the course - akin to your working apprenticeship. A certificate of attendance and competence will be given on completion, and it is then possible to obtain insurance to practice, something that the Spirit world finds highly amusing - but is helpful in this strange modern world!
You can augment the course by attending a Vision Quest, and other weekend courses which are held through the year, this is optional and paid for separately. Although it is a stand-alone course there will also be a more advanced second year available to those who have completed the first.
The cost will be £1095, payable in one payment, or £395 deposit, followed by seven monthly payments of £100.  Other payment plans may be organised by mutual arrangement. Early booking is advisable as the number of places is always exceeded by demand!
The course will begin on May 11th and 12th 2013, other dates are provisionally:- July 6th/7th; August 10th/11th; October 19th/20th, December 7th/8th, and weekends in early January and mid February 2014 to be confirmed.
"Just finished Sarah’s shamanic practitioner training, and what a year - an inspirational and healing journey for me in which I got my heart and my courage back after a very traumatic time in my life. Sarah’s down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach has given me huge confidence in my abilities as a practitioner. She gave us a thorough grounding in all the core practices and my shamanic tool kit is now full. Thank you so much, Sarah." A.B.
"I highly recommend the practitioner's course with Sarah, her approach is fun, authentic, compassionate and inclusive. Whether you want to work as a shamanic healer or are looking for a structured self development course, this covers it all. I certainly know myself far better; and I had a lot of fun, shared love, laughter and tears, and made lasting friendships along the way. A treasured, unforgettable experience. Thank you Sarah!"  K.F.
Please contact me by phone on 07968 010103, or email using the form on the contact page, if you are interested in the Shamanic Practitioner training.