Shamanism in Wales - ONE TO ONE LEARNING


Here are the options available for one-to-one apprenticeships and teaching.
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One-to-One Teaching Sessions are great if you wish to explore a particular topic, for instance shamanic journeying to meet your own guides; going out to learn ways to connect with the spirits of nature; expanding your beginners' journeying skills into more realms; or anything else we come up with! They are a good way to meet me and experience my teaching, before deciding to do longer courses. 
The cost is £20 per hour with a minimum of two hours, and a discount for a whole day (with lunch thrown in!)
Please call me on 07968 010103 to talk about your requirements

An Apprenticeship - offers you a personalised journey of learning and growth, structured according to your needs, and flexible, depending on how the wondrous mystery of your path unfolds.
You will receive:-
A monthly four-hour one-to-one teaching session in person
Further work and exercises in between
Online and phone support and guidance
The option to take discounted working places on other workshops 

You can start at any time. 
There is a monthly cost of £100, over an agreed period of time, payable by standing order or similar.
Please call me on 07968 01013 to discuss your needs.