Shamanism in Wales - ABOUT ME
Pyromaniac ShamanIt's my soul's purpose to help others to reconnect with their essence, and with the spirit of the natural world around us. With that in mind I use all my resources to offer healing, creative personal growth, exploration and adventures on many levels. My home is in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park, a wild landscape of rivers, mountains, ancient trees, abundant wildlife, and glorious extremes of weather.
I was born with a shamanic and animistic understanding of the world. The different things I do have grown from the challenges, needs, experiences and opportunities presented on my path. Life's journey has given me a very varied experience, including fifteen years' experience with mental health and special needs clients. I have been learning and practicing healing for many years, and am an experienced Shamanic Healer, known for an intuitive, warm hearted, eclectic and respectful approach.
Working with people, animals, and the environment, I offer a very wide range of healing possibilities including soul retrieval, extraction, regression, depossession and soul release, sound healing, Reiki, cord cutting and block release, ritual trance dance, NLP, shamanic counselling, work with nature spirits, and clearing and healing for buildings and land. ​I trained, and continue to do so, with numerous teachers, some well known and some less so.... and am a founder member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, which holds an amazing conference in the UK every year. In 2005 I trained intensively as a Shamanic Trance Dance facilitator in Hawaii, and in 2007-8, I undertook a challenging year long course (with the wonderful Woodcraft School), to qualify as a bushcraft instructor, which I see as being interwoven with my shamanic path. In the summer of 2008 I was enormously inspired by time spent with the San people of Botswana, experiencing their healing ways and lifestyle.
Teaching is one of my biggest passions, and I've been involved in running workshops teaching shamanism and healing for many years. Being a part of people's development and discovery is a joy. I create a variety of learning experiences, from journey circles and beginner level workshops, to a Shamanic Healing Practitioner Course, and also run Vision Quests, the very special Sacred Dryad Quest, occasional bushcraft days, and other outdoor adventures here in Wales. During the summer I can often be found at festivals offering healing and mini workshops - whatever the weather!
I grew up making and painting things, and now make beautiful shamanic drums and rattles, which may be painted with symbols or pictures, and very fine beadwork and other crafts, mostly by commission. Each item is made individually, with prayer and ceremony, and incorporates the dreams and wishes of its recipient. 

Life is a never ending spiral of healing and personal growth. I love to travel, and explore the world's landscapes and cultures, but my happiest times are spent roaming the mountains and riverbanks with my border collie.
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